Bidtrack Activ

This model sees the advantages of two-way messaging between installed unit and Bidtrack 24-Hour Control really come into their own, specifically with our hallmark Probable-Theft-In-Progress Alerts that are accompanied by GSM vehicle positioning data. Upon receiving such an alert we contact you for verification, if possible, then activate the unit’s Homing-Beacon Transmitter and initiate the recovery.

Even outside an emergency situation, Activ gives you peace-of-mind access to the Bidtrack website to view live quadrant positioning.

  • Insurance Approved
  • Automatic Testing – no added responsibility for Vehicle Owner
  • 24 Hour dedicated recovery and helicopter support
  • Dual positioning
  • Digital recovery beacon
  • Internet / Smartphone positioning (Qaudrant)

Bidtrack Probable-Theft-In-Progress Alerts

  • Vehicle Battery Disconnect – often indicates a crime in progress: the tracking unit’s onboard backup battery is automatically activated
  • National Border Approach – many stolen vehicles are immediately driven to one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries

Cash Option: 

R1,975.00 for unit & installation, plus R134.00 per month (Service agreement for 24 months)

Rental Option: 

Free installation and only R179.00 per month (Service agreement for 36 months)

All prices include VAT with 1 year warranty