Since March 2008 Bandit had a joint venture with Bidvest called Bidtrack and in November 2009 joined forces on a permanent basis when Bandit became a permanent subsidiary of the greater Bidvest Group.

There’s the rest … and then there’s Bidtrack.

Backed by 25 years of specialist research and development, Bidtrack offers a complete range of systems with next-generation smart hardware at their core and packed with unique tracking/telemetry features specifically designed for South African conditions.

As proprietary owners of this technology we are free to continue innovating and say with confidence that by joining the Bidtrack family you will always be safely ahead of the curve. We have installed over 75 000 new tracking units and each year recover stolen vehicles valued at more than R60-million.

At the heart of Bidtrack’s success is two-way messaging whereby installed units not only receive instructions but also report back to our 24-Hour Control Centre. Units do not have to be ‘woken up’, which means that vehicle positioning data and other crucial information can be delivered around the clock. Systems that are based on less sophisticated, passive one-way communication, cannot deliver the features enabled by active tracking.

Bidtrack systems are approved by all major underwriters and, as already stated, the Self-Testing capability of our units is a major benefit. Bidtrack clients are frequently rewarded with insurance premium discounts of up to 25 percent.

Entry Level Systems

GPS Tracking & Monitoring Systems

Fleet Management Systems


Entry Level – Largest network footwork, Weekly Health check, Digital Recovery Beacon. Click here for pricing


Entry level – Early Warning System – Entry-level phone-in tracking system, with value added benefits including Bandit’s innovative Theft Alerts (Border Alerts, Battery Disconnect). Significantly, the onus of regularly testing the tracking device is removed from the vehicle owner, as Bidtrack performs this task automatically, at regular intervals. Click here for pricing


High Alert – Automated Theft Alert System – All the benefits of the Activ system, plus the early warning feature by adding an additional key fob – allowing the tracking system to notify our 24-hour National Control Centre of the theft.

With the High Alert vehicle tracking device, you’ll be notifed of any unauthorised movement of your vehicle. This feature will help with the recovery time if the vehicle is stolen without the key fob being present in the vehicle. Click here for pricing


The Internet / Satellite-based Solution to “Where are they…?” includes: Activ and High Alert Tracking/Bonus Benefits. Cell-Phone Notification. Enables Distances Travelled Reports for Income Tax purposes. Add optional Roadside Assistance and you have the last word in Value-Added Tracking.

The unique feature of our flagship system is the addition of true Satellite Tracking and specific technology which enables around-the-clock monitoring of a vehicle’s Engine On/Off status along with its position – as well as direction and speed, should it be on the move. Click here for pricing


FLEET ONE is the unique fusion of our innovative Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking technologies – a highly effective Monitoring System ideal for:

  • Fleet Owners seeking a compact efficiency-enhancing & cost-reducing Management System
  • Insurance Industry application of ‘Pay-per-Mile’ policy premium calculations
  • Vehicle Leasing companies demanding accurate, reliable data. Click here for pricing

Internet-based: Anytime, Anywhere Data Access

Increased Efficiency Enhanced Productivity Reduced Running Costs

Our flagship FMS – for vast quantities of data crucial to achieving highly-effective fleet management: boasts the case-study proven ability to deliver Productivity Gains of up to 30% and Reduce Running Costs by as much as 25%. Click here for pricing